Freakcion, Video Games Sitcom

Freakcion is a pilot tv program that mixes a sitcom and a newscast, in which two geeks have to contend with a not so patient presenter.

All begins when Oriste Produccions was searching for an expert in video games for help them to do a video game tv magazine, at first they wanted to do a traditional video game magazine with the traditional content (at least in Spain), with an attractive female presenter and a simple chroma in the background.

Alberto Melcorn was the other guy that had to decide how was the best way to do this tv show.  So we proposed to Oriste Produccions to do a different TV video game program, we want to do an humor magazine, using inspirational TV shows such as Saturday Night Live or Big Bang Theory.  I have always thought that video games are too much fun to take them so seriously, at least in my free time projects!

Producers were very happy with this idea, and no doubt wanted to move forward with this.

The next step was to surround ourselves with experienced screenwriters, and luckily, Marc Lopez ( Currently working in TV3 as screenwritter) and Marc Rollan ( Videogame Podcast Presenter and screenwritter) soon joined our team.

Together we start to develop the characters, scenario and the script.

After months of hard work, a few castings and tons of funny moments we end the script and Oriste Produccions starts the engine to record the episode.

Currently this pilot program is recorded and edited, but unfortunately Oriste Produccions closed before this project had been sold to network TV.

I hope that soon we can share this program with all of you.