Iphone Game about Gnus and Their Crazy Journey.

For a long time I have wanted to do my own project,  but the difficulty to gather the team and do a feasible “free time” project, has always been the main problem.  Finally, all the factors have joined and now we can be sure that in a few months a group of Gnus will attack the appStore.

When I did the first game design of this videogame, the first challenge was to think of how to do a simple gameplay without sacrificing the fun factor.  I found the answer in my memories, remembering some conversation about physics , and as far as I know, this gameplay mechanic has never been used correctly or successfully. Perhaps because it is a bad formula, but I think that the problem of this kind of gameplay is that normally it is oriented only for mini games, and secondly, seems that the people who make this kind of game are geeks or scientists, and make the game for people like themselves.

Before starting the development we researched these types of games. We found many titles with  certain similutudes; rude, unfinished and elementary.  As if one day somebody made a 3rd person game and the main character can only walk, unable to do anything else.

There is also the possibility that I’m mistaken because the problem is the game mechanic and this mechanic only appeals to a select few.   This is our  big question and only when the game is released we will know the answer.